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Tourist attraction

tourist attraction

Millions of people will now get to see our aged miners’ homes which have been faithfully replicated at the North-East’s most visited tourist attraction.

And before they were opened to the public on 6th October 2023, residents who live in the original homes were treated to a VIP sneak preview.

Our Marsden Road aged miners’ homes in South Shields were selected by Beamish Museum to feature in its new 1950s town.

Two of the four homes which have been replicated show Beamish visitors what life was like for retired miners in the 1950s. The other half of the terrace provides a space for the award-winning work of Beamish’s Health and Wellbeing Team.

DAMHA has been working with closely with Beamish on ensuring our homes are recreated as faithfully as possible in the town, and we left final judgement on this to residents from the original Marsden Road cottages who were given a private tour of the properties on 2nd October. They were also joined by people from our Bulmer House and Rutherford House sheltered housing schemes.


Measurements were taken of Carol Davidson’s home when Beamish choose the cottages to be in the 1950s town almost ten years ago.

After visiting the replica homes, she said: “I can’t believe how alike they are from the outside and when I looked inside, the way they have been so accurately furnished and decorated brought back many happy memories of when I used to visit my aunt’s home in the late 1950s.”

Another resident, Betty Sparks, said: “The attention to detail in the homes is incredible; it was lovely to get the chance to see them.”

DAMHA Chief Executive Paul Mullis said: “We are delighted to have been involved in this amazing project which has seen our aged miners’ homes in Marsden Road being so faithfully replicated in the new 1950s town.

“Our residents at Marsden Road were fully involved from the initial inception and they, like everyone at DAMHA, agree on how sympathetically they have been recreated both inside and out.

“We would like to thank Beamish Museum for enabling us to be part of this project and for their work in ensuring our historic aged miners’ homes will been seen by many more people now and in the future.”

Earlier in 2023, the ‘Living Museum of the North – which attracts over 700,000 visitors each year – opened its 1950s terrace as part of the Remaking Beamish project. The terrace features John’s Café, Elizabeth’s Hairdresser’s, Middleton’s Quality Fish and Chips, and a recreation of the 1950s home of North-East artist Norman Cornish. In May, Coronation Park and Recreation Ground opened in the town and in October, along with the aged miners’ homes, police houses, semi-detached houses and a bowling green and pavilion were also unveiled. A cinema, toy shop, and electrical shop will complete the town.

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