How to magnify web pages?

All modern browsers support scaling of screen resolution to allow users to enlarge the content of the webpage being viewed to be zoomed up and down to suit their needs.


Zoom in

To zoom into the webpage making all the content larger hold Ctrl (Control key) and press the (plus) + key.

Zoom out

To zoom out of the webpage making all the content smaller hold Ctrl (Control key) and press the (minus) - key.

Reset scale

To return the page to it′s standard magnification hold Ctrl (Control key) and press the (zero) 0 key.

Apple Mac

The same proceedures are used on Apple Macs but Ctrl is replaced by the Command key.

Mary and Jack Stannard

Mary and Jack Stannard say having moved into their DAMHA home they don’t miss their old property at all.

Having undergone two operations on her back, Mary was finding it difficult managing to maintain the family home she shared with Jack.

Her reduced mobility was causing problems, so she was delighted when we informed her that one of our two-bedroom bungalows in Leech Court, Easington, was available.

The moved in to their new home in March 2017.

Mary, 64, and Jack, 69, say: “Moving to a new house, especially when you have been lived somewhere for so long like we had in our previous home, can be daunting, but we had no qualms at all.

“It just felt right from the very beginning and we settled in straight away.

“DAMHA have already allowed us to make changes like removing the fireplace so we had room for our furniture and they have been very responsive.

“We live in a small, quiet cul-de-sac so we have been able to get to know our neighbours quickly and everyone is very nice and has made us feel welcome. It’s just what it used to be like years ago when everybody looked out for each other.

“We can’t say we miss our old house at all!”

To see if we have a home for you, please visit our properties’ page.

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