How to magnify web pages?

All modern browsers support scaling of screen resolution to allow users to enlarge the content of the webpage being viewed to be zoomed up and down to suit their needs.


Zoom in

To zoom into the webpage making all the content larger hold Ctrl (Control key) and press the (plus) + key.

Zoom out

To zoom out of the webpage making all the content smaller hold Ctrl (Control key) and press the (minus) - key.

Reset scale

To return the page to it′s standard magnification hold Ctrl (Control key) and press the (zero) 0 key.

Apple Mac

The same proceedures are used on Apple Macs but Ctrl is replaced by the Command key.

John and Margaret Corner

John and Margaret Corner sum up living in their DAMHA home like this: “We feel like every day is like being on holiday.”

As satisfied customers go, it’s hard to top a comment like this.

To be fair to John and Margaret, they did spend 30 years on our waiting list before getting their ‘dream’ home, which is on North Road in Seaham – directly opposite the North Sea.

They explain: “The reason we were on the waiting list so long is we only wanted to live in one of the aged miners’ homes on North Road and they very rarely come vacant, so now it has happened we couldn’t be happier.”

John, 73, and Margaret, 72, have lived in Seaham all their lives. Before moving they lived in the home where they raised their family, which consists of four children.

Unfortunately, two heart attaches, a triple heart bypass, high blood pressure and a stroke meant John was finding it difficult to get up and down their stairs in their home.

Thankfully, stairs are no longer an issue in their the two-bedroom bungalow in North Road.

They say: “When we received the call to say we were on the short-list we didn’t want to get too excited, but we were delighted when we found out that we were definitely getting a home; it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Now, everything is one level and when we wake up each morning we open the curtains and look out onto the sea.

“The views are spectacular, and it now feels that every day is like a holiday.”

To see if we have a home for you, please visit our properties’ page.

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