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Northumbrian roots

Northumbrian roots

A few years after recording his first CD single, DAMHA resident Jackie Davidson has now gone and released a full album of songs paying tribute to his Northumbrian roots.

In 2018, Jackie recorded a song called ‘We are Northumbrians’ and that is now one of 12 original tunes on the album he has named ‘Northumbrian and Proud’.

The album recalls memories of Jackie’s childhood at school and holiday alongside historic local tales (see panel opposite/below).

With support from local artists Larry Page, Paul Kirsopp, Steve Rudd, Tony Wilson and Andrew McCann, Jackie has written all the lyrics on the album, as well as providing the narration on several songs. He enlisted the help of his grandson Ben Patrick to design the artwork for the album cover/sleeve, and the whole record was produced by Steve Coates.

Jackie has kindly given a copy to all residential care homes in the area and is selling it to everyone else for £8, with an extra £1.50 if postage is required. Copies are available directly from Jackie at his home in Greenside, Gateshead, from the card shop in Prudhoe, or Balls’ fish and chip shop in Prudhoe.

One person who has already listened and loved the album is none other than actor Tim Healey.

Jackie said: “He rang me to say he played it in his car and loved it, so that was fantastic to hear.

“I made the album to share my love of Northumbria, so I hope people get as much please listening to it than I did from making it.”

Jackie is already working on his follow up album, which all contain songs related to the crucifixion.

The Songs:

  1. We are Northumbrian – My 1st attempt at song-writing, this was inspired by a poem I wrote.
  2. Prudda Girls – A tribute to the wonderful girls of Prudhoe.
  3. The Heavenfield Heroes – Written in in honour of those who fought and defended our ancestral land at the Battle of Heavenfield.
  4. The Miners of Mickley – I grew up in High Mickley and each morning and evening I would watch and listen as the miners went to and from The Pit singing songs.
  5. The Barrasford Legend – A tongue in cheek song about my Uncle Billy who liked to indulge in horseplay at my expense!
  6. High Mickley Boy Forever – Wonderful boyhood memories of post-war village life seen through the eyes of a very young lad.
  7. Tynedale Boy Soldiers – Based on the true story of my grandad Simpson Hope who lied about his age to fight for King and Country in World War One.
  8. Proud Hill – All about Prudhoe Castle.
  9. The Hexham Riots Martyr – The story of 74-year-old Peter Patterson who died a horrific death in an execution after being made the scapegoat for the riots.
  10. I’m Going Home Tomorrow – I travelled the world in my job but coming home to Northumbria was always the best feeling in the world.
  11. Our River North Tyne – The river was the lifeblood of Tynedale.
  12. We are Northumbria (Remix)