How to magnify web pages?

All modern browsers support scaling of screen resolution to allow users to enlarge the content of the webpage being viewed to be zoomed up and down to suit their needs.


Zoom in

To zoom into the webpage making all the content larger hold Ctrl (Control key) and press the (plus) + key.

Zoom out

To zoom out of the webpage making all the content smaller hold Ctrl (Control key) and press the (minus) - key.

Reset scale

To return the page to it′s standard magnification hold Ctrl (Control key) and press the (zero) 0 key.

Apple Mac

The same proceedures are used on Apple Macs but Ctrl is replaced by the Command key.

A spot of pet therapy

A spot of pet therapy

Residents living in our residential care home enjoyed a spot of pet therapy recently, but they were not all of the cuddly variety!

Using pets as therapy in care homes has been proven to enhance the well-being of residents, many of whom will have had pets before they came to Langley House, which is in Horden.

But it’s not only traditional pets that can have a positive effect on care home residents – any animal interaction can bring a smile to people’s faces. In the past we have had donkeys and even snakes to show residents.

Among the animals brought in recently by an organistion called Four Paws was a giant rabbit and a very large spider.

Our residents took it all in their stride though and they enjoyed having the rabbit on their laps (even if it did weight a tonne!) and some showed no fear by holding the spider. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the Langley staff!

Please visit the Langley House website for more information about the home.